the hunt never ends I came from deep woods, dark caverns and mushroom circles. I came with glamour and echantment; a child of the wild wind and blood of the forest god. I came with a breeze and with a gale. The overgrowth fairy, a spellbound Fae Prince.
by Hunter

Curse https… 36 dollars for removal of “danger” which doesn’t exists, and no one even gives me private information on here. In dreams, in nightmares, in mirages. I am not a rich company, which oozes money. I ooze only lack of food and lack of medical care. Exuse the ugly information that my site is not safe… I simply can’t afford the cost of prolonging.

And now I go to write an angry fae vent.

by Hunter

We all have little tempations. We all have our silly little secrets that we love to hide but are so close to our hearts, that we will never deny them before ourselves.

My secret these day is… (which stops becoming a secret right now):

This game, where you can become an acient egyptian god (oh, Anpu…), is life stealer. Hour thief. A dangerous addiction.

by Hunter

Everyone who even partially knows me, knows as well that I dislike Christmas with a passion – for me the end of the year is bathed in snow, wind and forest dwelling and celebrating sun and moon cycle – not Santas and family gatherings. I parted ways with my family long ago and don’t intent to rebuild the never-extisting bond.

I am glad the joyful time passed. Now, as I have a tiny tiny vacations, I can read as much as I can – therefore I got a glass of mulled wine, sat in the warm chair (fluffy!) and am reading… During the joyful time I read four books, four wondrous worlds joined my own.

So… even if I don’t like Christmas…. I found something worthy to remember. I hope my readers too. 2023 comes! Hide your cats, hide your witches and hope for better!

Shake the snow from your cape and enter the tavern called a Next Year.

by Hunter


So thick that could be a white pine honey. So nostalgic, that could be a bottled memory.
Best things in my life happened during winter. I am creature of snow, breathing easier, when chill nips at my nose.

I am sure that this winter something good happens. Even if world falls down, even if bad overcomes the good, I sense a change.

Maybe t’s my own winter-enchanted mind. But as long as I have white feathers between my fingers, I wait.

And dream.

by Hunter

Books… books pile up. I breathe with paper and ink. And I feel like I do it easier than with air.

by Hunter

Recently I was gifted with so many books, that I seriously don’t know it two years will be enough to read them all. I tend to hog books. They are everywhere in my house, even in closets and wardrobe. Four thousands books, from which around 300 are still not read. Yet they come and come and soon I will be putting them under the bed.

So… 2023 will be a reading year! Ha! I will beat the closet and wardrobe book count with my reading power. Maybe losing myself in other worlds will ease my nerves pain and my mental turmoil.

Books and books. Hard to live without them. But hard as well to find a place where they can breathe. Gods bless the upcoming year already.

by Hunter

Do you have sometimes an urge to read something just because the characters look your your OCs? I don’t even read romance, heck, I dislike it. But the beast looks like my Rauta and there is a moment in my novel when Savrunne also looks like this girl on the cover.

Now I am torn. To read or not to read. I may dislike it but I may also like it.

The problems of OC creator.

by Hunter

Today I swim in Styx. My skin drinks the water of the underworld. My nerves feed on pain emerging from the black river.

I want to sleep. And wake up when Hades disappears in the mist.

by Hunter

you are guardian of the dawn
emerging from the lakes of clouds
among oceans of awakening light
a dream of the young sun
a spear of celestial gleam
in the heart of slumbering night

by Hunter

The first snow put my house into a cozy pillow of safety. I feel better with snow. I feel like winter is my time, when I am better, stronger and can do much more – without fear created by cruel sun, unleashed over seething earth. It’s a season of ice faeries and northern wind caressing my face with chill.

I like my warm jacket and my black metal music I take on every walk between the white and the sky.

Don’t stop falling, snow. I want to lose myself in you. A winter court fae, which waited so long for her element…