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Copper Complexion

My angel has copper complexion.

In the corner of my eye, where shadow meets sun, I see the figure. Everytime. I can’t escape, nor I want to. It hangs over my daily life like a bat in the dark cave. Like it broke through the time and was cemented in a pose which doesn’t suit it.

Rusty face, surrounded by halo, it looks like corroded metal, licked by a sudden burst of light. It waits. Silently, with one hand reached out, always pleading to touch, but never touching. A mannequin made of hope and disgrace, a river full of blessed waste.

Its nails almost brush my hair and in periphery of my gaze, I see its hand, brass skin, dark faces reflecting in it. Its arm is like a water touched by the note from the depths of the earth. With souls of forgotten melted within it, looking just into me. Screaming to be let out.

Its eyes drowned in this indifferent, stale face, they are like talk with a god that decided to abandon its creation. Eyes, white blood gathering in the corners, pale blue, stark, like a moment of beautiful morning. Yet cruel, as touched by sin unspoken, darkness triumphant.

It looms over me, flickers, wherever I look. A cacophony of sound, in a silent, peaceful forest.

My angel has copper complexion.

And will be there as long as I live, hidden, like marble statue, pouring malice, feeding on me, trying to touch… trying to feel. Destined to fail, my guardian, stagnant silhouette, bathed in frail shadows.

Made of Starlight

We are made of starlight and green limbs of the earth. We are deceiving eyes, waiting for their prey, while vast overgrowth whispers our names, chants our titles.

Trees lick the blood and suck the darkness from our veins.

Welcome to an unseelie court.

I am starting to write my trickster fae novel. There will be spiders and rose petals. They will be love and scorn.

And there will be pointy ears flashing through the woods.


Cursed Witch

A demon sleeps in me, it has the shape of my fear. Shape of my madness. Shape of my despair.

It burns, calls and whispers; leap into me, swim in me, jump in my fiery embrace. Fire will clean you – of everything, of your body and thoughts. Of your pain and your doubt. Fire will give you second life, life of a god of a flame, where every limb and every tendon blazes wih high conflagration.

Give yourself to me, child. You have nothing to lose.

You have nothing to lose but your soul.

It will leave the burning witch, calling on the gods who are also burning, with even higher flame. Kronos laughs and ashes the field that I irrigated all spring.

Laugh, little flame, laugh cursed witch. The white of the snow seems so unreal now.

Darkness My Bride

The blood dust surrounds me, like a promise of fever. I embrace my heritage, I embrace my vile nature. Blood; sweet like dark honey, creature of copper autumn, crimson like wine and fallen leaves. Blood, which changes my eyes into rubies. Blood – a sibling of all sins, delicious sister of Lust and Greed.

When my fangs open your vein, the beating of your pulse fills me like a sound of drums; heavy, dull and dark; like night filled with horrors. Your body opens before me – receptive and sublime. It’s never enough. It’s never enough for me.

Humans. They exist to feed the hand that tamed them, to oblige the lords and ladies of twilight, dusk and midnight. And when moon swallows the sun forever, the night eats our fears, the night gives us wings to reach the bleeding stars.

Your desire still not quenched, your willingness to offer me yourself still not sated. Lose yourself in my arms and change the wine in my cup into the richest essence of life, fill my eternal hunger.

I feel like thorns trace a trail on my backbone, the passion boils in me. Tearing the veil from your innocence. With kisses sharp as crystalline edges, blinding you with excellence of the deepest darkness.

Death and the Maiden #1

She took my hand and whispered.

“No one knows I am here. No one will ever search for me. And you are told to hunt on the likes of me.”

Her head cocked.

“But I know I am safe. You know why? Because you see your soul in my eyes. You see your reflection in my heart. And you love what you see.”