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Fruits and Moss

So with dreams, come fruits and moss. And darkest of nights filled with ashen flame.

Warning: sensual content…

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Be Glad

be glad the ents march at your orthanc
spilling the forest rage over your white robes

be glad the ravens predict miss fortune
turning her cracked back on you

be glad the wind carries dust into your eyes
and grass worms into your flesh

fairy rage untamed like ocean waves
casting enchantment on the spot that hurts most

be glad
be glad, sweet mortal
be glad for little blessings
that may disappear by the wave of my hand

This Dawn

you are guardian of the dawn
emerging from the lakes of clouds
among oceans of awakening light
a dream of the young sun
a spear of celestial gleam
in the heart of slumbering night

Earth’s Veins

we are tangled in earth’s veins
they pulse inside our hearts
like stars made of soil and leaves

lighted from within
they feed us with whispers of the gods
and misty dreams of the morning woods

our flesh gleams with tears of the darkness
open wounds – healed with the touch of sacred blood
of those who hide in the night

of those who kiss with bared teeth
and embrace with oustretched talons

we are tangled in earth’s veins
green ichor flows under our skin
melting our nightmares, rebuilding our dreams


you are savage, my soul
drowning in deepest lakes
choosing the darkest oceans
to sink in

you are so vile, my soul
breathing in the white flames
craving for scorched skin and burnt hair

you are gloriously evil, my soul
taking in the darkness
and building an armor from it

we are so wild, my soul
tearing our flesh to the bone
but standing still after the battle

completely alone


malva blooms
through the cracks in my bench
mal for darkness of my heart
va for friends I always lose
among the fertile garden
bleeding flowers sprout the thorns
my second skin
built with marble moth wings
a feelingproof cocoon
for my insecurity
I am made of malvas
mal for gloom that eats my soul
va for hearts I always break
drifting in the sea of oblivion
hunting for unreachable stars

… and there is always that lingering thought, on the periphery of the brain: is this me who hurts the toxic people leaving them? Is the me doing wrong, taking care of my mental stability? Even if I knew the answer, there was that guilt crawling inside like a parasite and slowly eating subconsciousness.

But enough with that. I won’t be an ass to myself. It’s enough that others are.

The Baker

For my cat, who is maybe old, but with age comes experience – he is the best baker.


my ginger leaf, amber shadow
rose skin covered with rust
baker of the morning cookies
you knead the dreams
with taloned paws

your voice descends on the pillow
a ragged tune of content
copper lazy days
filled with your autumnal gaze

brownies and milk
tucked into goose feathers
like a mole hidden underground
you lift sharpest eyes to the sun
embracing the world that needs
a good bakery, when night shuts its door
giving a way to the waking daylight


my wooden ring is a shell
keeping your secrets closed
in the soft membrane
do you hear the voice of the sea?

my key is a stellar wing
it will open the moon
if you want to steal its secrets
it shines with light from the worlds above

my coin guards your dreams
and when you see my shadow on the windopane
the scent of holly berry will guide you
into the windswept forest

far from danger, far from sun

Fae Fae Fae Fae

morn fades into fog
silhouettes spin in the dim light
pearly mockery beams into the veiled sky
when fairies circle around the old willow
gleaming like fireflies

their hair wild – untamed strands
their eyes holding the mysteries of the worlds behind the mirrors
and deep ponds filled with black water

the wisdom of olden times in their veins
the cruelty of wintery passages in their hearts

gleaming like fireflies
shining like collapsed suns
drinking from the tree of life
feeding on the weakness of mortality


I showed you the path that breathes blood
in death throes of the night, we painted the world crimson
we sank our teeth in the flesh of stellar dusk
we bathed in red-tinted streams

are you my huntress or are you my prey?

we loved under the pursuing moon
we shared the glory of the wilderness
like it was our last day on the face of the earth
we stripped future naked and led it into darkness

you chose the path by my side
death and the maiden, wolf and the lady
I led you on, marking your wrists with my fangs
you were mine before you even knew me

are you my huntress or are you my prey?

we connected our souls on the highest peak
our bodies played the eternal game of touches
the atoms swirled when we united
death and the maiden
hunters of the forgotten woods