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My dog thinks cats are horses. If you say ‘horsie’ next to him, he will start searching for my cat. I blame myself, tbh. And my dog is really intelligent. There is needed a higher intelligence for that. My Barnaby knows at least two animals other than dog. Maybe doesn’t differ them, but still.

No cats allowed! I mean, no horses in this room…


I know my cat likes them dangols and jingols.

As long as it hangs, it’s pattable. My ears hang enough. If I was an elf, I would have scars on them. Done by restless hunter of portruding things.

My cat likes dangols and jingols. Yes, he does.


To spot the cursed lord ghost, who haunts the castle in the south Poland, taking form of a giant black dog:

  • take your maddest friend on board and fill them with visions of ghost hunting, where everything can go awry.
  • wear something indicating you are dark lords too, like black capes, it always works.
  • spend the night in the castle, joking from giant dogs and jumping on every louder sound, laughing your socks off, and assuring each other that it was surely the ghost.
  • when you leave the castle, LIE to all, that you barely came alive from the encounter.

It must work. Best vacations trip ever.

Bonus, if you have a black dog and manage to make a dangerous photo of it during night. A bit of Photoshop and your dog can put Baskervilles hound to shame. Remember, angle can make him look TERRIBLE.