HUNTER. Fae prince. Villains lover. Metalhead. Complex thing. Coffee addict.
I love animals and nature, I am Wiccan and storms and rain lover. Cold weather person, no heat for me, please.
Webdesign and graphics, I love, drawing is my life, writing, my air.

In love with Middle-Earth (Corsairs of Umbar! and hobbits my life), warm tea and cats. I adore faeries and grimdark, and if you really want to spoil me, gimme a dark fantasy book I have not read yet (which is unlikely, but you can try).

An occassional black metal gig goer and collector of black metal CDs. In love in black, doom, and power  metal, would sell my kidney for ticket for Blind Guardian. I love also nordic folk (HEILUNG!!).

I am a tough lorde but love being hopelessly spiritual, and immerse into dark light of faery poetry and wolven spirit. I guess I am even too dreamy sometimes, but who said dreamers can’t rule the world?

Forest is where I belong. My gods live there.

A bit more in depth:


  • earl gray tea
  • cats
  • deep dark woods
  • starless nights
  • honesty to boot
  • fantasy books
  • to write
  • to read
  • to wander in forest
  • black metal
  • darkness
  • poetry
  • silence
  • egyptian mythology


  • cigarette smoke
  • strong alcohol
  • noise
  • large groups of people
  • lies
  • talking
  • socializing
  • phones and phone calls
  • strong sun
  • violence


  • pagan
  • wiccan
  • a witch
  • 30+
  • they/them, genderfluid
  • lesbian
  • wild
  • poet
  • writer
  • ocassional artist

If you want to e-mail me for any reason: kahinatvampyrosa @