the hunt never ends I came from deep woods, dark caverns and mushroom circles. I came with glamour and echantment; a child of the wild wind and blood of the forest god. I came with a breeze and with a gale. The overgrowth fairy, a spellbound Fae Prince.
by Hunter

Everyone who even partially knows me, knows as well that I dislike Christmas with a passion – for me the end of the year is bathed in snow, wind and forest dwelling and celebrating sun and moon cycle – not Santas and family gatherings. I parted ways with my family long ago and don’t intent to rebuild the never-extisting bond.

I am glad the joyful time passed. Now, as I have a tiny tiny vacations, I can read as much as I can – therefore I got a glass of mulled wine, sat in the warm chair (fluffy!) and am reading… During the joyful time I read four books, four wondrous worlds joined my own.

So… even if I don’t like Christmas…. I found something worthy to remember. I hope my readers too. 2023 comes! Hide your cats, hide your witches and hope for better!

Shake the snow from your cape and enter the tavern called a Next Year.