Tiny Shards

Tiny shards of violet crystal lay scattered under my skin. Inside my brain. In my soul. I promised myself many times that I won’t join fandoms, because how toxic they are and how my introverted personality feels even more lonely in them, a loneliness in big crowd, worst kind of it. Few years ago, that was about to be my last time.

I almost lost the Dark Crystal among people I tried to fit but honestly, they never fitted me. Desperately tried to somehow scrap the aura from this cursed gem I still love. But yes, more heartbreaks and more wounds followed.

Never say never but I doubt I will ever join fandom or anything even slightly similar to it.

I love my violet crystal above anything else. It grows in my heart, roots deep into it, tangled with my veins, feeding my skeksis soul with crystalline essence.

Not that I can’t live without a huge dose of it pumped by the fandom straight into my system.

Only if I am already dying. Which will never happen. I am a Hunter. I am eternal.