I have odd affinity for characters in fiction, who are little sneaky meow meows, with no redeeming qualities, with kill-count, and backstab-count, and who would ashame the creator of sin, in how lovable they really seem.

Kiss or Kill? No one knows!


Chamberlain skekSil, the king of liars. My, if he isn’t my first place poor meow meow of them all. I loved him as a child and love him now, even if I would hunt his twisted soul down and teach him what truth is :3

Ah, A-Yao, the backstabber supreme. He is such a charming, delicate person, who seems too good for this world. But hell, if he isn’t dark as heck. And he will make you trust him, and then, he just throws you off the cliff. Srsly.


So… I have weak spot for such characters, and they grind my brain every day and every night.

Please help…