To spot the cursed lord ghost, who haunts the castle in the south Poland, taking form of a giant black dog:

  • take your maddest friend on board and fill them with visions of ghost hunting, where everything can go awry.
  • wear something indicating you are dark lords too, like black capes, it always works.
  • spend the night in the castle, joking from giant dogs and jumping on every louder sound, laughing your socks off, and assuring each other that it was surely the ghost.
  • when you leave the castle, LIE to all, that you barely came alive from the encounter.

It must work. Best vacations trip ever.

Bonus, if you have a black dog and manage to make a dangerous photo of it during night. A bit of Photoshop and your dog can put Baskervilles hound to shame. Remember, angle can make him look TERRIBLE.