Pandora’s Box

I filled myself with love placed in dark places, in rotten hearts, I saw my mishapen reflection in wrong eyes. These eyes… mirrors of black side of my soul. I watered love faint as gossamer, hoping to grow an oak. My mind created mirages, each of them tempting with oasis of juicy fruits.

I knew that I walk the stone path, avalanches falling on both of us, snow covering the budding trees, flowers withering under a touch of our poisoned affection.

I reached for black holes, to create a sun, which sucked strength from my world, grinding my life with gravitation. I ate gravel, enchanting it into raspberries and peaches.

The stars never shined as bright as in moment when it ended. Blinding me with freedom, pushing the wind inside my lungs, pulling the breath out.

Freedom, which become stained with guilt and copper patches of corrosion.

While freedom lasted, my wings were white as snow, my feathers softer than cat’s purr. I know what shape they gained now, I know which color they took. Feathers turned into membranes, snow melted to uncover the battered grass.

Pandora’s box opened to release glowing nightmares into the world. I will hold to remaining hope. Curses and chants, spells and fullmoons, my life spins the thread in place the one that was cut.