I  bask in rain like a cat in the full sun. I feel like my tendrils, those green, rooty, ephemeral and invisible threads search for rain drops, to soothe their thirst. I feel how my eyelids flutter against the downpour, craving for more… and more. I am a water creature, made of waves. I need them to breathe.

My land always was dry like old and dusty painting palette. My soul was even more cracked than my ground, I drank blood instead of water, I drank the sun and it burned, I drank the night then and I was coming back to my senses. A vicious circle, a vicious way to stay alive.

When the time came, and your words hit me like a stone tossed by a giant, I know the rain will come. The storm, which will ruin everything to help me stay among the living.

I bask in the rain like a cat in the full sun. My sins forgotten, my soul almost healed. There will be needed many storms like this one to heal it whole. But you are my cloud filled with vital essence. My old soul rejuvenates, gains colors and flickers like young crystal.

A cloud that always comes to cover the sun that wounds me. To make light turn darkness. The darkness filled with.