Three Years

Three years ago… to not dwell into too much details, I had problems with sleeping. I barely slept for two months, and I still don’t know how I survived it and stayed alive. When I couldn’t stand the tiredness, indifference, pain of my tormented mind and exhausted body, one night I heard the soft purring. It was not my ginger cat. He was by my other side. I heard purring behind me. And then, I allowed it to just go through me… and I fell asleep . After two months.

After COVID few weeks ago, I felt the same. Couldn’t fall asleep, had red eyes from lack of rest and I had phantom suffocation when I was trying to lay my head on the pillow.

The purring returned. And I fell asleep.

I strongly believe my animals who are not with me anymore still guard me. I felt the love in this purr. And whichever of my beloved cats it was, I know it was you. Thank you.