Dreams Are Made of This

I have dreams… we all have but my dreams are putting me in certain half sad and half astonished¬†mood, which can stick to me for months. I can think of them and memorize them even after a year. They are important part of my inner life.

Very often, I am in library, where I must find certain book. The library is hazy, the moonlit shelves seem to glow. And I know that I won’t find this book and my wings will be cut when I won’t.

Cut wings. I am a god and someone takes my ability to fly.

Flying. I reach the world beyond ours, which is so beautiful that my heart aches. But I need to fly there. Once I did and I remember the border of the galaxy with excruciating details. But very often my wings are cut before I reach it.

The feeling in these dreams, the feeling of loss and pain and the extreme beauty, is nothing I can describe. They make me sad, astonished and torn.

I know where they come from. But I still am amazed with them and the unique feelings they give me.